Current Refugee Problem
— The United Nations
Current housing in nigeria problem
— The World Bank
Current housing in nigeria problem
It is specifically designed to help overcome the refugee housing crises and affordable housing challenges around the world.


  • • Length: 22.6 ft / 6.9 m
  • • Width: 11.8 ft / 3.6 m
  • • Full Height: 9.7 ft / 2.95 m
  • • Wall Height: 6.9 ft / 2.1 m
  • • Roof Slant Length: 6.6 ft / 2 m

22,500,000 refugees
in the world today

143,000,000 refugees
by 2050

Self-built, low-cost, long-term,
just-add-water housing solution


Combining Cortex’s rollable concrete technology and Cutwork’s bendable metallic tube construction system, the Cortex Shelter is a permanent and affordable housing solution that can be built in a single day.

Cortex + Cutwork


Cortex technology is a concrete fabric that hardens when hydrated in place. This innovative material acts as a durable shell over the structure, allowing for easy construction. It also outperforms traditional concrete in several key ways:

  • Scales90% less material than traditional concrete (1.25cm thick)
  • StrenghOver 2x the compressive strength (7000+ psi) of traditional concrete
  • TimeEasy to install
  • SkillNo high-skill workers required
  • Recycle90% carbon savings over traditional concrete


Cutwork's core technologies allow metallic tubes to be easily bent by hand and then lock into architectural structures. This process optimizes construction and production, as well as costs.

  • ShippingFlat-pack shipping
  • StopwatchFull assembly and ready for use in one day
  • BuildBuilt by hand – no technical labour required
  • IndustryDigital manufacturing – produced locally, on-demand
  • StockNo stock, no warehousing, no excess waste
  • Global DistributionDistributed manufacturing: less shipping distance, cost, and emissions

Panel Module

Core element of the system, each panel is easy to be manipulated by two people, and easy to connect to the next one.

  • Fast assemblyEasy and fast assembly
  • ShieldStrong secure walls: knife and attack-proof
  • All ConditionsWeatherproofing – all seasons and climate conditions
  • FireproofFireproof
  • HotHot and cold self-regulating interior insulation
  • WashableWashable interior walls

Just-add-water Home

It only takes one day and two people. No technical construction skills and no heavy equipment or machinery necessary – designed to be built easily and effectively by hand.

  • WaterJust add water
  • 24 hours24 Hours to harden
  • MechanismMistake-proof locking mechanism
  • Metallic FrameMetallic frame
  • Rollable shellRollable concrete shell


  • Rapid installationRapid and easy installation
  • DurableDurable: 30+ year lifespan
  • WaterproofWeatherproof - all seasons and climate conditions
  • SecureSecure and strong walls: Knife and attack proof
  • FireproofFireproof
  • Sanitary floorSanitary floor: concrete, not just the bare ground
  • CheapMore affordable in the long run than current refugee shelters

Key Elements

  • Solar PanelSolar panels for charging phones and powering lights
  • KeyStrong door with a key
  • SparklesHigh windows for lots of light and aeration
  • HousesSide windows for street view
  • ToiletToilet
  • ShowerShower
  • KitchenElectric cooking stove

Shelter Assembly

The Cortex Shetler is flat-packed, for efficient shipping. All shelter components are prefabricated and ready for simple assembly. Construction is rapid and can be completed in hours with a small crew of unskilled workers.

As a permanent housing unit and a rapid assembly solution, the shelter makes urbanization of camps highly efficient and cost-effective, greatly improving the quality of life to residents.

Step 1

Deliver building kit

Step 2

Unpack elements

Step 3

Unroll and hydrate floor

Step 4

Assemble core pannels

Step 5

Attach side pannels

Step 6

Hydrate, let dry

Step 7

Install door, windows, and utilities

Ready to occupy

Incremental growth –
from camps into cities.

In the development of cities, Cortex can be used for roads, pathways, water delivery canals, and walls.

It is critical not only to consider camps as long-term settlements but as foundations to build future cities. The project of a new city is to become a place where people want to stay, not leave. Using the same building system as the Shelter, we have designed other essential buildings and an incremental urban growth system for the city to expand. Full case study coming soon.

  • Agora
  • Covered Market
  • School

Incremental growth – from camps into cities.

There will be 120,500,000
more refugees by 2050

By becoming involved, you can help bring safety, stability, and opportunity to the world's most vulnerable people and help us implement crucial solutions to overcome this immense challenge.